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July 24, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

Happy 70th Birthday, Pat Oliphant!


One of the great living cartoonists, there's any number of fine cartoons to peruse through the link in the picture to his Library of Congress exhibit. In addition, you can find current work here, a wikipedia entry here, and a lambiek entry here.

Not Comics: Fantastic Four Reviewed

imageOkay, I didn't really review it, but it's not like a lot of effort was expended on their end, either. One good thing: by virtue of going two weeks after everyone else, I've learned from my peers and have safely avoided the trap of looking creepy by commenting on any aspect Jessica Alba's physical appearance.

I'm serious about those chairs.

What Does "No Buzz" Really Mean?

I'm not totally sure myself, but just because everyone wasn't talking about the same thing in a convention hall 10 days ago in Southern California doesn't mean there weren't things worth talking about. Since I was unable to sort this stuff in my head, I do it onscreen.

Go, Look: The Eisners, Sketched


The artist Jesse Hamm has uploaded a bunch of sketches and suggested I might link to them out of last week's Eisner Awards diary, which I will definitely make happen. Because many of you have read that already, I thought you might like a chance to see a big chunk of Hamm's work without going through that now-archived story. A big part of sitting at the Eisners is watching the artists at your table doing sketches, but I don't think I've ever seen this many!

Arnold Drake
Brian Vaughan
Darwyn Cooke
Dave Gibbons
Denis Kitchen
Eric Reynolds
The Ex Machina Crew
Gerard Jones
Jackie Estrada
Jerry Robinson
Jill Thompson
Kyle Baker
Scott McCloud
Sergio Aragones

I'll put Jesse's letter up in the letters section as a indication that I've linked to his art from the diary.

Also, if you wanted to see Arnold Drake sing his San Diego song, Mike Catron has made it available here. He writes: "It's a large (approx. 10 Mb) file, so have patience with the download. This is a video in .mp4 format, viewable with Quicktime 7 (and at least some versions of Quicktime 6). ( for Macs and PCs). Hope it brings a smile to your face."

that's Jesse Hamm's sketch of Maggie Thompson
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