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November 29, 2008

CR Week In Review


The top comics-related news stories from November 22 to November 28, 2008:
1. Economy continues to tank; comics part of economy continues to hold breath.

2. Rare good news about two cartoonists in trouble.

3. With the above cover featuring US President-Elect Barack Obama, Spanish satirical magazine El Jueves catches its first international headlines since it depicted the Spanish crown prince and his wife having sex. Coming on the heels of last summer's Spanish basketball team making slanty eyes for a photo at the Olympics, I'm considering the possibility that everyone in Spain may be nuts.

Winner Of The Week
Raymond Briggs

Losers Of The Week
Fans of the current Blog@Newsarama writing line-up

Quote Of The Week
"A cartoonist, because a cartoonist is someone who sees with his mind -- someone who is concerned less with preserving a world than recording a thought." -- Adam Gopnik

this week's imagery comes from pioneering comic book house Quality
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