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August 19, 2006

CR Week In Review


The top comics-related news stories from August 12 to August 17, 2006:

1. Marvel pushes back books in its Civil War linewide mega-eventalooza, causing retailers and readers to get so mad they promise to stock and purchase future issues with a frowny face on.

2. Iran's Holocaust Cartoon contest opens up for exhibition purposes.

3. Word leaks of Wizard's action a week ago Friday of letting go two long-time and popular employees who were working on the con side of things, although Wizard promises this has nothing to do with any sort of disappointment in the recent Chicago Con and other Wizard shows. Really. They swear. You know it's amazing given their recent attendance figures announcements that no one made the joke "Wizard announces layoffs of 2143 employees." Of course, that would be jive.

Winner of the Week
Marvel's Tom Brevoort, whose "I"ll fight anyone in this room who wants to crack on our handling of Civil War" approach to Internet discussion of the matter certainly got him noticed.

Losers of the Week
Retailers with a lot invested in Marvel's Civil War. You can kid as I did a few lines up about fans buying the stuff and retailers stocking it anyway, but the bulk of retailers have very little choice. While diversified retailers can negotiate cash flow issues delays cause better than retailers that concentrate on pushing superhero material, what that prescription misses is that this is a period of growth for comics, with some new faces out there building a clientele any way they can and some old faces trying to build momentum, which means the Direct Market is slightly more fragile than usual.

Quote of the Week
"All we can reach are 'hearts and minds,' because we can't lay our hands on the actual machinery." -- The writer Warren Ellis on why self-marketing is important to so many creators: it's the only way they have to compensate for a screwed-up system.

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