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February 26, 2017

CRNI Updates The Case Against Musa Kart And Others, On The Fourth Month Of Their Imprisonment


The cartoonist and his journalist peers have not even been indicted, as of this writing.

imageVarious human rights-focused organizations have reacted strongly to the imprisonment, as the government detail. These tend to be broad commissions and organization rather than something within Turkey that might have greater pull to force action.

CRNI's description of the cartoonist's situation chills. I'll re-run it here with apologies because there may be a few people that will read it here and not follow a link to it. "... [Kart] continues to be held under the kind of restricted circumstances normally reserved for those convicted of a crime. While he and his journalist colleagues have access to paper and pen, nothing is permitted to leave and nor may they receive letters. They may see their lawyers once a week for one hour and up to three of their family members, also for one hour a week. Inmates and visitors are separated by glass during family visits or accompanied by a prison officer doing lawyer visits and at all times any discussion is audio-recorded. Inmates are permitted a phone call once in 15 days for a duration no longer than ten minutes. They cohabit in groups of three and aren’t allowed to see their peers. They are given access to a 3×5 meter yard with very high walls to get air and exercise. They do have a television and get the daily newspapers but there are limitations on books. Deputies from the CHP visit them often, as is their right, and share their messages with the public."

One hopes there is word of a case and/or its progression sooner rather than later. This is abominable, but it happened very quickly and with very relative pushback from the citizenry, or at least it seemed that way from the outside looking in. Horrifying in and of itself, it's not an unfair concern that this kind of thing may one day be common in all right-tilting countries, or those with a focus in maintaining power in one person.
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