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March 7, 2018

Bundled Extra: DC Comics Announces Line Of Stand-Alone, Out-Of-Continuity Books

It's called DC Black Label. Many of the books in the line were rumored and in one case were actually announced, although not as part of a line. Involved are creators such as Frank Miller, John Romita Jr., Lee Bermejo, Greg Rucka and Kelly Sue DeConnick, and a pretty tightly gathered group of characters based on DC's popular trio: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.

Stand-alone, out-of-continuity books featuring characters destined to appear in multiple films seems like a slam-dunk idea to me. DC has always been pretty good about pointing to a single book as "the one to buy" for fans of their movies, didn't really do that with Wonder Woman on film, and I think that cost them a significant money-maker last year. This should correct that.

It's always good to see where younger customers and the creative community stand on Frank Miller, too, and I would expect some pushback there, at least on-line.
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