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July 8, 2007

DC Announces On-Line Initiative

I suppose this is the long-rumored major DC Comics on-line initiative, or part of it, which the article describes as a submissions-driven online comics site close to the model. If you've ever worked at a comics company, the description of a slush pile as a resource for all sorts of promising projects instead of a repository of comics we're going to be reading in hell might be pretty funny, although admittedly there are out-of-nowhere success stories at all companies.

The obvious question left hanging in the air by the typically puffy New York Times treatment of a DC Comics endeavor is the rights situation, which I'm going to assume that someone who can get their calls returned by DC* will follow up on Monday morning at which point I'll update and repost. Apparently, DC does have the rights to publish the comics submitted in print form as well as on-line.

* I mean figuratively, in that they have an ongoing active newsgathering relationship with DC. The people they have there now are very nice to me and return my calls.
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