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January 13, 2012

Diamond Nabs Chris Powell For Key DM-Related Position

Comics news sites get a lot of press releases about new hires -- as much as comic book businesses hire people anymore -- but the one that slipped over the transom today from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. strikes me as particularly significant and well worth noting. Longtime, well-regarded industry veteran Chris Powell will be making a move from his General Manager and Chief Relationship Officer at the Lone Star Comics empire to a position at Diamond: Executive Director of Business Development, a newly-created job with a focus on the comic book speciality market. The position apparently places a special emphasis on the creation of new brick-and-mortar accounts, which seems to me something where a lot of work could be done and where a successful program could be a real strength of that part of the comics business moving forward.

Powell is a major, connected industry figure with point-to successes at ComicsPro (where he was a founding board member), the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (where he was President) and with Lone Star and its business generally. He'll start in March, and will work in the company's Maryland offices. I wish him the best in the transition and with the new gig.
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