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May 18, 2005

Dick Tracy and the Attached Sub-Rider

imageI've received a few e-mails asking after the news story that Warren Beatty is suing Tribune Media Services over filming rights for Dick Tracy. It seems to me a pretty straightforward story with almost no comics connection beyond the origin of the character in question. Beatty had certain rights that he would cede back to TMS under certain conditions according to an agreed-upon process. As it looks like Disney agrees that TMS didn't go through the correct procedure to regain rights to Tracy for a potential TV series, I'm a little lost as to exactly why Beatty is suing, but lawsuits in Hollywood shouldn't surprise anyone. As someone has certainly pointed out, there's not enough soft light in the world for Beatty to film another movie like his original Dick Tracy -- a movie which performed well under expectations anyway -- so this is simply business. I'm surprised no one's made a connection to Sin City, a stylized color version of which would be a viable way to do such a film, but I haven't read many articles on the matter. It looks like TMS had a modern-style TV show in mind rather than a movie.

In happier news that's not really comics, either, here's a positive review of a stage adaptation of the Neil Gaiman/Charles Vess effort Stardust.
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