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November 19, 2017

Don’t Look Now, But I Think The Comics World’s Job-Related Deductions Are At Risk

It's easy to read tweets and quick opinion pieces on the current state of politics as a web of overlapping, competitive horse races. It's more difficult than ever to find cogent policy analysis. Such is the way of for-profit journalism in the Era Of Lies. I apologize for my inability to course-correct.

Still, from what little I've read and been able to seek out, it seems several warnings are in order. I believe that the latest tax policy being pushed through Congress puts at risk deductions for education on which cartoonists who went to school for it depend; I believe that it includes, Trojan Horse-style, another attack at the structure of the Affordable Care Act, a program which has allowed many cartoonists the ability to try and make comics and cartoons professionally without risking a greater chance of death; and I think -- and this is a new idea for me -- it may soon make it really difficult to deduct self-selected expenses like travel that have allowed a thriving festival scene, if nothing else. For some cartoonists, the ability to deduct a business trip leads to necessary income.

As always, I suggest being in regular contact via phone and letter with your elected officials, to double-check tax issues with your preparer, and in reaching out to whomever always make clear the value to you of whatever programs are being threatened.
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