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July 12, 2012

D+Q Announces Acquisition Of Art Spiegelman’s Co-Mix


Drawn & Quarterly announced today it has acquired North American and UK rights to Art Spiegelman's Co-Mix: A Retrospective Of Comics, Graphics And Scraps. The book was acquired for the Montreal-based publisher by Publisher Chris Oliveros.

Co-Mix: A Retrospective Of Comics, Graphics And Scraps is an expanded English-language version of the bilingual edition published by Flammarion. That work and the proposed one featured full-page reproduction of the cartoonist's artwork, comics and preliminary sketches.

The D&Q initial publicity statement describes the 64-yeard-old cartoonist, artist, editor, publisher and historian as "leader of, and an inspiration for, alternative comics artists throughout the past three decades." Oliveros describes Spiegelman in that same release as "hands down, the most influential living cartoonist."

The work began as a major museum retrospective appearing first at Angouleme during his recent presidency and moving to the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The show version will continue on to Cologne, Vancouver and New York City over the next several months.

Co-Mix will be distributed in the US by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, in Canada by Raincoast and in the UK by PGUK. Matthew Bloomgarden of the Wylie Agency represented Spiegelman in negotiations.

I think this is a great get for D+Q, of a potentially fascinating project. Several people that saw this in its exhibit form told me it was the best of its kind they'd ever witnessed. It's also worth noting that while Spiegelman is most closely affiliated with his own RAW Books and the Pantheon graphic novel efforts, he's actually worked with a surprising number of publishers over the years, particularly in the late underground period.
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