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May 30, 2012

Drawn And Quarterly Acquires Lisa Hanawalt Collection


The publisher Drawn & Quarterly is announcing today that it has acquired all the rights available on this planet to Lisa Hanawalt's forthcoming collection of comedic essays, to be called My Dirty Dumb Eyes. This is work that's appeared in places like on, in The New York Times and in The Believer.

As is typical for D+Q titles, Farrar, Straus & Giroux will distribute the book in the US and Raincoast Books will handle similar chores up in Canada. Transatlantic Literary Agency's Samantha Haywood will secure deals for the work internationally. Hanawalt was represented by Meredith Kaffel.

I think this is a potentially significant deal -- certainly Hanawalt's recent work has been super-strong, and her comics seem perfectly suited to a collection of the kind D+Q can put into bookstores and support via a tour. I believe Hanawalt's first major work was Stay Away From Other People in 2008 -- the D+Q PR statement agrees with me. That won an Ignatz Award; her subsequent comic book series with Buenaventura Press won a Stumptown Award.

Hanwalt's kids book with McSweeney's, Benny's Brigade, will be out in August. She is a California native and now lives in Brooklyn.
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