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June 3, 2008

Editorial Cartoonist Ann Telnaes Leaves Print Syndication For Animation


Here's a slightly disturbing sign of the times article: the well-regarded editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes has apparently been asked to increase the number of animations she does for the Washington Post web site from two a week to three a week. To facilitate this, she'll no longer be doing print cartoons for syndication. Animated editorial cartoons have been a big hit for several newspaper web site, and there have been editorial cartoonists who have folded this into their schedule at the expense of some print work and some cartoonists who have moved over to that mode of communication entirely. This is the first name cartoonist to make that move at the explicit expense of other work that I can remember, though, and certainly the first Pulitzer Prize winner (2001). She will continue to do exclusive print cartoons for certain clients.

One thing I find unfortunate about this trend is that the vast majority of the animation work of this kind I've seen tends to emphasize everything that can be awful about modern editorial cartooning, but maybe that's just me.
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