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September 3, 2007

El Jueves Creative Team Faces Fine

imageArtist Guillermo Torres and writer Manuel Fontdevila will face a fine somewhere between four and five thousand dollars USD at a trial announced Thursday. The creative team is being tried for a caricature of Crown Prince Felipe and wife Letizia that graced the cover [pictured] of the July issue of El Jueves. The genesis of that joke was based on a recent decision to pay young couple for conceiving a child, and underlined the perceived, growing uselessness of members of the Spanish royal family, by having the Prince say to his wife something to the effect that if his wife were to get pregnant, it would be the closest thing he had ever done to work.

The subsequent seizure and destruction of the magazine shocked a lot of folks both in and out of Spain because of Spain's record for not doing things that jeopardized or called into question full and unfettered free speech. I believe this announcement is important because it shows exactly what the prosecutor will be seeking; initial reports indicated the prosecution might be able to pursue a short jail sentence. Then again, I don't read Spanish in a way that might enable me to confirm or check for updates, and I generally have a hard time parsing the French industry articles for salient detail.

The magazine's editor said last week they would certainly do another cover like the one being prosecuted.
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