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January 2, 2006

Eric Burns to Edit New Modern Tales

Webcomics creator and reviewr Eric Burns will edit a new, advertising-driven version of the Modern Tales web site, according to statements at Burns' web site and a follow-up press release -- click on Eric_Burns_to_Edit_New_Modern_Tales.doc to download -- from that effort's owner, Joey Manley.

Manley's release indicates the primary reason for the endeavor can be found in various changes in economic circumstances that drive web site models, elements that have changed since the time the subscription-model Modern Tales and various related sites (also known as the Modern Tales family) were launched. Manley further notes that the various subscription model sites will stick around, and that this will be a site in addition to the already-existing Modern Tales, not a replacement. For his part, Burns makes clear he will have nothing to do with the original, existing Modern Tales sites or the related sites sometimes referred to as "the Modern Tales family."
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