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January 31, 2014

Euro-Comics Special: Jen Vaughn In Angouleme 02


By Jen Vaughn

* by Friday, the crowds have already thickened so you cannot easily move around without the customary "Pardon." Police are out in force.

* there's a new Moebius biography with an extensive bibliography available by Daniel Pizzoli at the PLG booth in the New World/Indie Tent. Stuart Ng is picking up just a few for his site, largely because he hadn't seen about 10 images in it before when he flipped through it.

* a few cartoonists like Fabien Mense -- who also worked on Hotel Translyvania -- had lines/queues running 20-30 people deep before their signing even started at 10am and were still signing books at 3:30pm. And you know how the signings are here, you stand in line for an hour or two because they will make you something incredible that takes twenty minutes! Worth it. Next year, I'm not eating the whole month before Angouleme so I can buy all the albums.

* London-based cartoonist Cliodhna waiting in one such line and left with a beautiful book called Chemin Perdu that I am absolutely getting (when I get home, the suitcase can only hold one mini-comic).

* Chemin Perdu is by Amelie Flechais and has a cute book trailer that only makes me want the album more.

* repping their German publisher, Ulli Lust and Kai Pfeiffer strike a pose. I was so excited when Ulli gave me Air Pussy, a book I've been trying to get my hands on -- no pun intented -- for a few years.


* comiXology rounded up some cartoonists like Ulli Lust, Chuck Forsman, me and writer Joe Keatinge to hang out and talk digital comics. Some French participants were some supposed to show up but got held up due to those damn signing lines I mentioned earlier. We drank their wine for them. David Steinberger, Chip Mosher and Jeremy Nguyen (Guided View Editor) entertained the lot of us.

* you can totally read Chuck's two graphic novels The End of the Fucking World and Celebrated Summer plus his minis are on comiXology.

* Ulli's Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life is also on there but you must buy it from a computer, it's too good and real for Apple.

* Joe's books like Glory, Hell Yeah and various other comics are on comiXology, too.

Little Asia

* the tent for rotating exhibits is featuring "Little Asia" this year. Not sure exactly what they meant by that but the talent inside is undeniable and several manga from Taiwan were featured in the exhibit called "Travel With Comic."

* Kinono was drawing with some live ink and nib on a sweet, thin, huge light table while his friends and colleagues watched. The guests each had a large display featuring pages of work, bios (in French and English, thank Crumb) and suitcases (remember the theme?!) with an illuminated tablet and books.

* there was some interesting body horror stuff going on in TK. Chang Shih-hsin's work shown so I'm definitely looking for any translations when I get back -- Hideshi Hino and Junji Ito being some of my favorite horror masters.

Foreign Rights Tent

* not everyone can come in this tent since it's all business with licensors but I sweet talked my way in. This is where First Second set themselves up along with superhero publisher Dynamite, art book publisher Insight Editions and much more.

* Emma Hayley from SelfMade Hero took the time to show me and Brigid some beautiful books from their spring line. This April, Nick Abadzis illustrated a David Camus graphic novel called The Cigar That Fell in Love With A Pipe and I'm always happy for more Abadzis in my life. Also, coming out in May is Aama, which is the first book in the sci-fi fiction series by Frederik Peeters and if we've learned anything from Sandcastles and Pacyderme, it's to give Peeters the reins of reality and enjoy the ride.

FOFF (Eff Off Fest)

* barely off the beaten path but a joy to try and find is the Off Festival (aka "FOff" aka "Fuck Off," etc.). Following some painted press board and cardboard signs, Joe Keatinge and I traipsed around Angouleme looking for the next sign like a fun easter egg hunt.

* two floors of screen printed comics and posters awaited us plus an entire room for a Mike Diana original exhibit, a castle made of trashbags -- no, I did not take off my shoes to enjoy that experience -- and more.

* Love Hole got me going, partially because it was in English but also because it was my kind of absurd and filthy.

* I could have also spent all my money here.

* the statue I pass on my way home [below]. Usually littered with kids loitering. Do they even know how lucky they are?


* Jen Vaughn is a Seattle-based cartoonist and graduate of The Center For Cartoon Studies. You can read her blogging on behalf of her employer Fantagraphics Books here. You can read her digital comic Avery Fatbottom here. You can follow her on Twitter here.



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