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September 8, 2019

Evangelical Mayor Of Rio De Janeiro Attempts Seizure Of Marvel Comic With Male Characters Kissing

I don't know if there's a group of scientists monitoring a "Doomsday Of Stupid" clock somewhere, but surely it's closer to midnight after the mayor of Rio De Janeiro suggested the physical seizure of a Marvel comic where two male heroes kiss. It's a story point in a series of comics known as "The Children's Crusad" starring younger Marvel heroes that was collected already in other countries including the US.

The Times has a reasonably thorough run-down of events to date. It's hard not to see a retriggering of thought-reduced and/or dormant conservative ways of using culture's threading-through of bigotry riled up by economic distress to divide and distract a distrustful culture that is looking for scapegoats concerning money matters. It should be criticized, mocked and generally eviscerated at every opportunity. There are bigger fish to fry, probably even literally.

The reaction of audience members and public personalities in terms of pushback seem heartening as well.
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