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July 25, 2014

Fantagraphics Formally Puts Lucy Knisley’s Displacement On 2015 Schedule, Releases Cover And Art


Fantagraphics Books Publisher Gary Groth announced early this morning that the publisher has officially added the second of Lucy Knisley's travelogues for his company to the publishing docket. This one is called Displacement, and details a trip that the cartoonist and illustrator took with her grandparents, both of whom are in their nineties.

The fully-watercolored softcover will be released in the first half of 2015. It should run slightly over 200 pages.

imageKnisley told CR she considers the comic -- which was completed in early 2013 before her immediately forthcoming Age Of License, although Knisley's work on those books overlapped for a time -- in many ways the thematic opposite of that first book with Fantagraphics, and thus able to comment on various life issues from a completely different perspective than the forward-looking and in-the-moment views explored there. The youth, liberty and possibility of Age Of License are transformed into a meditation on mortality and one's reflections on life as lived.

My memory is that Age of License and Displacement were parts of a single negotiation with Fantagraphics that encompassed both works.

Although only her second book with the Seattle-based publisher, Displacement will be the fourth travelogue created by Knisley, with more to come. The cartoonist told CR that one thing that's personally appealing about those works is how they lock into place a certain time in her memory, and she can see both the times depicted in the works and how she was treating events as an author during that time in her life.

A happy Eric Reynolds told CR that Knisley's first book, Age Of License, is set to become their likely first or second (after the first Don Rosa ducks collection) sell-out at this year's Comic-Con International. That book remains set for a September 2014 wider release.

photo of Knisley by Whit Spurgeon

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