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June 25, 2015

Festivals Extra: Billy Ireland Announces Next Exhibits, On World War I And Puck Magazine


Yesterday the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum announced its next two exhibits, opening in late July and remaining open through most of January 2016. The first is "Seeing The Great War," curated by Lucy Caswell, about the work generated during the First World War and popular work in cartoon form generated afterwards, both of which contributed to how we've come to understand that world event. I know Caswell has been gearing up for that one for quite a while, and it should be make for an impressive showing of the museum's holdings.

The second is "What Fools These Mortals Be! The Story Of Puck," curated by Richard Samuel West and Michael Alexander Kahn from work done during their making of the 2014 book from IDW of the same name (well, that opening phrase, anyway). If that's anything like the book, it should be stupendous looking.

These will also be the exhibits open during this year's launch of Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, a festival I'm running.

More information through the link, including the wholly impressive word "chromolithograph."
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