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August 28, 2013

Festivals Extra: CAB To Feature City Of Glass Panel With Karasik, Mazzucchelli, Auster & Spiegelman


Comic Arts Brooklyn announced the first of its very selected panels schedule with something rumored but I don't think confirmed: a panel featuring Paul Auster, Paul Karasik, David Mazzucchelli and Art Spiegelman talking about the adaptation of Auster's City Of Glass prose work into the celebrated graphic novel bearing that same name. It will be presented as the "20th Anniversary: Birth Of City Of Glass" panel, and I imagine people are lining up now because that room is going to be ridiculously crammed, like a Jack Kirby panel stuffed full of people stuffed. The only people I can be certain will find seats are the four participants.

Karasik is the festival's director of programming. This will be the first time the four men have appeared in public to talk about the work.

City Of Glass remains an eminently readable, compelling work and one with a wide influence in comics for anyone who wants to work with certain elements of formal play.
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