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April 9, 2015

Festivals Extra: Linework NW Puts Up A List Of Related Events

Here. I'm going to the Portland alt-comics show, so I found the list interesting that way, but mostly I was struck by how all of the shows have kind of officially expanded to multiple-day events -- with related signings and parties involved at almost every stop. The shows that don't seem to do this yet are those with a recent history of a very strong and centralized hotel bar scene, which makes some sense. You also have specific scenes going to shows where they just don't have the juice to put something together outside of what's made available throught the show, like the alt-comics crowed in San Diego. That doesn't mean there aren't a smattering of events at all the shows now, but that a full commitment to this kind of thing isn't 100 percent quite yet. Still, it's worth noting.
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