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January 27, 2014

Festivals Extra: Southwestern Ontario Festival Announced, Named After Merle “Ting” Tingley

imageIf you read this site on a regular basis, first of all thank you. Second, though, you're probably familiar with the idea that with festivals and convention so generally successful we are bound to see more of them, and because not every community can boast a TCAF we're also likely to see smaller shows run on various permutations of the festival model. In that vein, the ARTS Project in London, Ontario will host a festival in their physical space from April 22 to May 3 of this year, focusing on programming but also featuring a pop-up shop -- think about some of the smaller European festivals or something like Seattle Short Run but with an even more focused distinction between the commercial and programming sides.

The show is named after long-time regional editorial cartoonist of note Merle Tingley, who went by -- and maybe still goes by -- "Ting."

The featured artists will be:

* Marc Bell
* Scott Chantler
* Aaron Costain
* Willow Dawson
* Jessica Desparois
* Antony Hare
* Jesse Jacobs
* Mark Laliberte
* Jeff Lemire
* Gabrielle Norwicki
* David Poolman
* Jay Stephens
* Diana Tamblyn
* Merle Tingley (Ting)

Koyama Press will have a "special spotlight" in the pop-up shop.

Update: An earlier version of this article killed Mr. Tingley.
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