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August 15, 2010

FFF Results Post #222—Comic Shops

On Friday, CR readers were asked to "Name The Five Comic Shops You Know About That Are Closest To Where You're Sitting Right Now." Here is how they responded.


Tom Spurgeon

1. Dave's Comics And Games (Las Cruces)
2. Charlie's Comic Books (Tucson)
3. Heroes and Villains (Tucson)
4. R-Galaxy (Tucson)
5. Fantasy Comics (Tucson)


Bryan Munn

* The Dragon, Guelph ON
* Big B Comics, Hamilton ON
* Carry-On Comics, Waterloo ON
* Lookin for Heroes, Kitchener ON
* J&J Cards and Collectibles, Waterloo ON


Will Dinski

1. Big Brain Comics (Minneapolis)
2. The Source Comics and Games (Falcon Heights)
3. DreamHaven Books (Minneapolis)
4. Comics College (Minneapolis)
5. Double Danger Comics (Minneapolis)


Gil Roth

* The Joker's Child
* Time Warp
* Zapp!
* Fat Moose
* Comics Explosion


Marc Arsenault

1. A Space Cat (San Jose)
2. Comics Conspiracy (Sunnyvale)
3. Kinokuniya (San Jose)
4. Hijinx Comics (San Jose)
5. Lee's Comics (Mountain View)


Hisham Zubi

1) Guapo Comics & Coffee (SE Portland)
2) Excalibur Comics (SE Portland)
3) Cosmic Monkey (NE Portland)
4) Things From Another World (NE Portland)
5) Future Dreams Books (SE Portland)


Will Pfeifer

1. Top Cut Comics , formerly Tomorrow is Yesterday (Loves Park, Illinois)
2. Clyde's Comics (Rockford, Illinois)
3. Challengers Comics (Chicago, Illinois)
4. Westfield Comics (Madison, Wis.)
5. Capital City Comics (Madison, Wis.)


Max Morris

1. One Stop Comics- Oak Park IL ( Best Back-Issues)
2. Quimby's, Chicago IL (Best Mini's and Indies)
3. Chicago Comics, Chicago IL ( Best People)
4. Comic Relief, Berkeley CA ( Best Best)
5. Comix Experience (Best Memories)


Kim Munson

The Comics Outpost (SF)
Cards & Comics Central (SF)
Giant Robot (SF)
Al's Comics (SF)
Coastside Comics (Pacifica)


Stefan Dinter

* Karstadt - World of Comics (Stuttgart)
* Verleihnix Comics (Stuttgart)
* Comicladen Stefan Brenner (Stuttgart)
* Sammlerecke Nurtingen (Nurtingen)
* Terminal Entertainment (Karlsruhe)


Gary Dunaier

1. Jim Hanley's Universe (New York)
2. Midtown Comics, Times Square (New York)
3. Midtown Comics, Grand Central (New York)
4. Cosmic Comics (New York) (not to be confused with the "Cosmic Comics" in the American Splendor movie where we first meet Joyce Brabner)
5. Chameleon Comics (New York)


Michael Grabowski

1. ComicsQuest (Lake Forest, CA)
2. Comics, Toons & Toys (Tustin, CA)
3. Hi De Ho Comics (Laguna Beach, CA)
4. Meltdown Comics (Los Angeles)
5. Golden Apple Comics (Los Angeles)


Tom Cherry

1. Bob's Comic Castle (Muncie)
2. Alter Ego Comics (Muncie)
3. Heroes For Sale (Muncie)
4. Reader Copies (Anderson)
5. The Danger Room (Anderson)


Russell Lissau

1. Comix Revolution (Mt. Prospect)
2. Dreamland Comics (Libertyville)
3. Comix Revolution (Evanston)
4. Keith's Comics (Schaumburg)
5. Graham Crackers (Wheaton)


Art Baxter

1) Fat Jack's Comicrypt (Philadelphia)
2) Brave New Worlds (Philadelphia)
3) Atomic City Comics (Philadelphia)
4) Locust Moon Comics (Philadelphia)
5) South Philly Comics (Philadelphia)


Ted Dawson

1. Richard's Comics & Collectables (Greenville, SC)
2. Borderlands (Greenville)
3. The Tangled Web (Spartanburg)
4. Planet Comics (Anderson)
5. Front Row Seats (Taylors)


Paul Dwyer

1. Bizarro-Wuxtry (Athens)
2. Criminal Records (Atlanta)
3. Oxford Comics & Games (Atlanta)
4. Great Escape Comics & Games (Marietta)
5. Teahouse Comics (Sandy Springs)


Michael Dooley

1. Comics Factory... my fave: great store, staff! (Pasadena CA)
2. Meltdown... good for appearances, other events (Los Angeles CA)
3. Nostalgic Books and Comics... recent discovery (Alhambra CA)
4. Hi De Ho... but I haven't been there in decades (Santa Monica CA)
5. Golden Apple... haven't been back since Bill died (Los Angeles CA)


Andrew Mansell

1. Rebel Base (Charlotte, NC)
2. Heroes Aren't Hard to Find (Charlotte)
3. Dave's Comics (Fort Mill, SC)
4. Spandex City Comic Book Lounge (Charlotte)
5. Lucky 13 Comics (Rock Hill, SC)


Thomas Scioli

1. Phantom of the Attic Oakland (Pittsburgh)
2. Copacetic Comics (Pittsburgh)
3. New Dimension Comics (Pittsburgh)
4. Phantom of the Attic Monroeville (Pittsburgh)
5. Duncan Comics (Pittsburgh)


Chris Pitzer

1. Velocity Comics
2. Nostalgia Plus
3. Stories
4. Chop Suey
5. Richmond Comix


Mike Everleth

1. Secret Headquarters (L.A.)
2. Golden Apple (L.A.)
3. Meltdown (L.A.)
4. Hi De Ho (Santa Monica)
5. Earth 2 (Sherman Oaks)


Stergios Botzakis

1. Comics Exchange (Knoxville, TN)
2. Organized Play (Knoxville, TN)
3. Sci-Fi City (Knoxville, TN)
4. Collector’s Universe (Knoxville, TN)
5. S & G Comics and Collectables (Sevierville, TN)


Matthew Craig

1. Infinity & Beyond, Shrewsbury
2. Another World, Wolverhampton
3. Nostalgia and Comics, Birmingham
4. Forbidden Planet, Birmingham
5. Magic Labyrinth, Leicester


Scott Cederlund

* Keith Comix (Schaumburg)
* Dreamland Comics (Schaumburg)
* Westlake Cards, Comics and Collectibles (Roselle)
* Too Many Comics (Glendale Heights)
* Tom's Comics (Elgin)


Danny Ceballos

1. Power House Comics (Appleton, WI)
2. Chimera Hobby Shop (Appleton, WI)
3. House of Heroes (Oshkosh, WI)
4. Toy Man Comics (Oshkosh, WI)
5. Stargate Comics and Cards (Green Bay, WI)

Full Disclosure: sadly, I've only been to the shops in Appleton


Michael May

1. The Source Comics and Games (Falcon Heights)
2. Uncle Sven's Comic Shoppe (Saint Paul)
3. Double Danger Comics and Collectibles (Minneapolis)
4. Big Brain Comics (Minneapolis)
5. Dreamhaven Books (Minneapolis)


Ali T. Kokmen

1. Cosmic Comics (New York, NY)
2. Roger's Time Machine (New York, NY)
3. Forbidden Planet (New York, NY)
4. St. Marks Comics (New York, NY)
5. Jim Hanley's Universe (New York, NY)

What can I say? New York's blessed with a comparative surfeit of comics shoppes...


Chad Nevett

1. Border City Comics (Windsor, Ontario)
2. Rogues Gallery (Windsor, Ontario)
3. Comic Book Collector (London, Ontario)
4. Heroes (London, Ontario)
5. Worlds Away (London, Ontario)


Grant Goggans

1. Swayze's Comics (Marietta)
2. Dr. No's (Marietta)
3. The Great Escape (Marietta)
4. Titan Games and Comics (Woodstock)
5. Titan Games and Comics (Smyrna)


James Langdell

1. Lee's Comics (San Mateo)
2. Isotope Comics (San Francisco)
3. Lee's Comics (Mountain View)
4. R&K Comics (Sunnyvale)
5. Illusive Comics & Games (Santa Clara)

This being such a wide-radius list of locations is a sign both of how many local comic shops have closed down in the past two decades (or comics/games places dropping comics) and how fewer comics I buy in the course of a year now.


Marc Sobel

1. Midtown Comics
2. Forbidden Planet
3. Gotham Comics
4. Jim Hanley's Universe
5. The Time Machine


Walter Hudsick

1. Zanadu (Seattle, University District) (about a mile)
2. The Dreaming (Seattle, University District) (less than a mile)
3. Comics Dungeon (Seattle, Wallingford Neighborhood) (about two miles)
4. Dreamstrands (Seattle, Greenwood Neighborhood) (about a mile and a half)
5. Zanadu (Seattle, Belltown) (about four miles)


Justin J. Major

1. Graham Crackers Comics (Wheaton)
2. Graham Crackers Comics (Naperville)
3. Graham Crackers Comics (Downers Grove)
4. Unicorn Comics & Cards (Villa Park)
5. Graham Crackers Comics (St. Charles)


Douglas Mullins

1. Midtown Comics (x3) - Manhattan
2. Jim Hanley's Universe - Manhattan
3. Forbidden Planet - Manhattan
4. Rocketship (R.I.P.) - Brooklyn
5. Desert Island - Brooklyn


Jamie Coville

1. Bookland (pre-orders only, very little on the racks) - Kingston.
2. Action Packed Comics - Kingston
3. 4 Colour, 8 Bit - Kingston
4. Comic Cave - Brockville
5. Action Packed Comics - Belleville


Mike Lynch

1) Jetpack Comics (Rochester, NH)
2) Shadowgear Comics (Exeter, NH)
3) Jumpgate (Portsmouth, NH -- closing 8/27)
4) Time Out for Comics (Kennebunk, ME)
2) Casablanca Comics (Portland, ME)


Philip G. Smith

* Zanadu 1 (downtown)
* Zanadu 2 (U-District)
* Comics Dungeon
* The Dreaming
* Fantagraphics Bookstore


Dave Knott

In order of distance from my workplace in downtown Vancouver.

* Golden Age Collectables
* ABC Book And Comic Emporium
* The ComicShop
* RX Comics
* Gotham Collectibles


Carl Walker

1. First Aid Comics, Hyde Park (the quarter bin has some singles with missing covers, on my first visit I got a free contemporary GI Joe issue for some reason)
2. Graham Cracker Comics, The Loop (overheard an Indian American woman in her 30s rediscovering the joy of the Archie comics she read as a girl; never bought anything there myself)
3. Chicago Comics, Lakeview (most thorough store I've seen in my life, went there because Noah Van Sciver said [] I could find his Blammo there)
4. Brainstorm, Wicker Park (sells almost everthying, well, post-Crisis at $1 each, and also sells videos)
5. Quimby's, Wicker Park (more of a general "indie" bookstore I think? could've also gotten Blammo here, haven't been yet)


Robin McConnell

1. Luckys Comics
2. Rx Comics
3. The Comic Shop(the store that Diana Schutz worked at years ago)
4. ABC Book and Comic Emporium
5. Golden Age Collectables

Six months ago, this list would of been very different. Sigh to stores closing.


Dean Milburn

1. Downtown Comics - Castleton (Indianapolis)
2. Comic Carnival - Glendale (Indianapolis)
3. Comic Carnival - West (Indianapolis)
4. Downtown Comics - West (Indianapolis)
5. Downtown Comics - Downtown (Indianapolis)


Mark Coale

1. Captain blue hen comics (newark de)
2. Comics store (lancaster pa)
3. Showcase comics (media pa)
4. Frankenstein comics (woodbury nj)
5. comix connection (york pa)


Tony Collett

1. Reader Copies (Anderson, IN)
2. DeePuppy Comics (Indianapolis, IN)
3. Downtown Comics (Indianapolis, IN)
4. Comic Carnival (Indianapolis, IN)
5. Vintage Phoenix Comics (Bloomington, IN)


Scott Dunbier

* Sky High Comics (San Marcos)
* Invincible Ink (San Marcos)
* Comics-n-Stuff #2 (Carlsbad)
* Artifex Entertainment (San Diego)
* Southern California Comics (San Diego)


WP Books

1. Comics Outpost (San Francisco)
2. Amazing Adventures (San Francisco)
3. Amazing Fantasy (San Francisco)
4. Al's Comics (San Francisco)
5. Comix Experience (San Francisco)


Buzz Dixon

1. Galaxy of Comics (Van Nuys)
2. Earth 2 Comics (Northridge)
3. Continental Comics (Northridge)
4. DJ's Universal Comics (Studio City)
5. Golden Apple (Los Angeles)


Gavin Lees

* Arcane Comics (West Seattle)
* Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery (Georgetown)
* Zanadu Comics (Downtown Seattle)
* Dreamstrands Comics and Such (Greenlake)
* Comics Dungeon (Wallingford)


Jamie S. Rich

1. Floating World Comics
2. Bridge City
3. Excalibur Comics and Cards
4. Things from Another World (Sandy Location)
5. Cosmic Monkey


Nat Gertler

1. Mik's Comics (Oxnard)... although online sources are now telling me it's called Jon's Comics, so either something changed or I'm confused.
2. Ralph's Comics Corner (Ventura)
3. Dream World Comics (Simi Valley)
4. Collector's Paradise (Winnetka)
5. Earth-2 (Sherman Oaks)


Richard Melendez

1. Gecko Books (Honolulu)
2. Other Realms (Honolulu)
3. Jelly's (Honolulu)
4. Collector Maniacs (Honolulu)
5. Jelly's (Aiea)

And that, quite literally, reflects all the comics shops on the island of Oahu, with only one of them (Gecko) truly specializing in comics.


I apologize for the lack of art; I had planned on including logos for representative stores, but the quality and availability of images was way too spotty. When FFF started only about every third results post had art, so just pretend like it's 2006.

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