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January 26, 2006

Firings at Tokyopop; Reorganization?

Tokyopop announced a slight reduction in work force yesterday morning, a group of five to ten people to include Vice President of Sales and Distribution Steve Kleckner. The comics business news and analysis site has an analysis of the situation and the company's make-up currently and for the period just past.

As this isn't the first minor "reorganization" at the company, this latest and more public move should lead to increased speculation that Tokyopop is going through a period of constant readjustment because of a decline in sales as the company finds itself in greater competition for licenses and struggling to adopt programs to mitigate dependency on same (cinemanga, an agressive original English-language line). It should also increase speculation the company is getting its rows in order so that it can be sold, which is likely to remain a backroom rumor for years even if it's totally not true.
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