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June 10, 2005

Follow the McCloud/Penny Arcade Spat

Reading Scott McCloud's neutron bomb-style response to recent, admittedly brutal criticism from the Penny Arcade camp concerning a forthcoming documentary, I was reminded that there are peripheral engagements with this material that are worth reading if you're interested. Comixpedia seems to be making the attempt to track them, although if you want to do a little sorting through their sites I'd say the most pertinent extra comentary came from Scott Kurtz and Eric A. Burns.

Reading what sounds like at its core is an iteration on general disagreements between comics for art sake and comics that have found a successful business model reminds me of print comics' version of the same thing, actually. There's probably an argument to be made that the on-line comics community is developing at an accelerated pace when compared to print comics the same way rap music sped through the various stages the rock and roll music business went through, but it would take someone much more knowledgeable than myself to make it stick.
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