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January 10, 2013

For A Little Bit More On The Closure Of Comics Buyer’s Guide

imageThere are a few mini-tributes out there to be read on the closure of fan magazine CBG after more than 40 years of continuous publication: Charles Rutledge, Heidi MacDonald (and her commenters) and Mark Evanier spring to screen in a rudimentary google search. The best one is still probably this John Jackson Miller piece linked to yesterday.

I was never a reader of CBG except when I had to for my job, and that wasn't all that lengthy of a period. Certainly the publication was meaningful for a lot of people over the years. I've always enjoyed talking to Maggie Thompson when I've run into her, and like everyone wish her the best. I'm sort of curious if its departure is more about a certain kind of publishing or a certain kind of fan, but I can't imagine there are any clear answers there. That many years of anything is a fine run.
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