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February 21, 2010

For No Particular Reason, I’d Like To Direct Your Attention To The Following Comics-Related Statues

* Astro Boy statue at an elementary school in Osaka
I have to imagine there are tons of statues featuring Tezuka and his creations scattered throughout Japan, but this is the one that captured my attention. I know that if there had been a statue of Astro Boy humping a globe outside my elementary school instead of all those trees dedicated to dead teachers, I would have read manga that much sooner and grown up much less frightened of trees.

* statue of Hergé's Head in Angouleme.
I like this one because it looks steal-able. I mean, it looks like it weight 25,000 pounds, but of all the statues here this is the one you'd wake up still drunk at a convention and see it lying on top of the now-destroyed other queen bed. It also reminds me I would definitely watch a television show called Hergé's Head -- where beleaguered office worker Bob Hergé (Tom Cavanaugh) wrestles with mental apparitions resembling various Tintin characters (the Broken Lizard troupe) -- every single week and twice on Hulu.

* Naji Al-Ali statue outside of Ain al-Hilweh camp.
It's the only statue of which I'm aware to feature an assassinated editorial cartoonist who devoted his life to the issue of displacement, which means it's sadly appropriate that the statue was shot in the head and then dragged off somewhere.

* Andy Capp statue.
On the list of 50 things that every comics fan should do before they die, having a beer with the Andy Capp statue comes in at #32, right before "swiping an Inkpot" and right after "go on Halloween as an obscure comics character you have to explain to everyone without having your date hate you." I think people misunderstand Andy Capp. The fact that he's a cheating, alcoholic wife-beater isn't quite as funny as the fact that his strip a warm tribute to working class folk where the main character is a cheating, alcoholic wife-beater. Take a teapot-heated bath in the middle of your living room today.

* the Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois.
The statue itself has more in common with the the tradition of large miniature golf course obstacles than the art of scuplture, but I bet a lot of happy kids have had their photos taken in front of it, some even dragging their reluctant children into the shot. I hope at some point Superman in the comics has fought a battle against this statue come to life, and if this hasn't happened, it happens right away.

Update: Bill Kartalopoulos writes in to suggest I missed the best one. I might agree.
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