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May 8, 2006

Free Comic Book Day Round-Up

The North American Direct Market promotion Free Comic Book Day 2006 came and went on Saturday. Here is a small sampling of the on-line reports and blog entries thus far, many of them first-person accounts, about how the day went at various locations.

Champagne Wishes
Chris Giarrusso
Corpus Christi Caller Times
Jog the Blog
Listen To Us, We're Right
Mike Sterling
New Brunswick (NJ) News-Tribune
Newsarama's Day-Of Report
Newsarama in Charlotte
Norwich (CT) Bulletin
Press and Sun-Bulletin
Rick Phillips
Ross May
Shawn Wright
Slam Bang Comics
The Engine Messageboard Thread
The Three Cent Pup
Yet Another Comics Blog

imageWith what do we walk away from FCBD 2006? I'm not sure. It's always fun to see how various companies approach the event. For instance, Drawn & Quarterly's Mr. Jean promotes their upcoming Dupuy & Berberian books and the Moomin series. In contrast, Fantagraphics Funny Book #2 seems like an advertisement for an entire line and the company's breadth of product as much as specific projects.

One thing I saw of potential interest was I think a poster on a Newsarama thread asserting a) that smaller stores couldn't muster as effective a promotion and b) they might be able to if FCBD were to go back to aligning itself with a superhero movie. I reject the second notion as something that's related to store culture rather than size, but with the obvious investment involved, particularly in a week with a pair of big mainstream superhero comic books (Infinite Crisis #7 and Civil War #1) some economic strain might actually make sense. Therefore I'm not sure I can readily dismiss some small store/large store economic factors. Worth remembering and asking after.

Also, and this could even be related, my hunch from reading a lot of articles like those above and the pre-press run-up going into the weekend that the promotion is really driven by local media coverage on local stores rather than national saturation that makes people think, "Now where's my local store..." I could be totally wrong about that, of course, but if that is the case it could affect how people approach FCBD in the future, and it could be something to keep in mind when complaints are made.
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