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March 2, 2007

Friday’s Drake and Sinnott Updates

From Ken Gale, again:
Another update on Arnold Drake's condition. Not much to report. He's asleep most of the day, is hooked up to a lot of machines and anti-biotics and sedatives. The edema is down a little and the doctor said today (Friday) that he showed a slight improvement. I think he was emphasizing "slight" over "improvement." We did find out that he went to the convention this past Sunday as well as on Saturday and left early on Sunday because he didn't feel well. I should also add that a card from Paul Levitz and flowers from Dark Horse were on a table near his bed. I suspect he's not seen them yet.

Please keep me informed as to blogs and chat rooms, etc. where Arnold is being discussed and where these updates are being posted. I'll pass the URLs along to the family.

Arnold has been writing comics since the late '40s. He's written humor and adventure for all age groups from Batman to Jerry Lewis, from X-Men to Little Lulu. He is the creator of Stanley and His Monster, Deadman, Doom Patrol and Beast Boy. He also wrote what is probably the first American graphic novel; "It Rhymes with Lust" was published in 1950 with art by Matt Baker and is due to be re-released by Dark Horse in a few weeks (March, 2007).

Send cards, letters and art to Arnold Drake, Cabrini Medical Center, 227 E. 19th St., New York, NY 10003. The staff is very nice and assured me that he will get them.

Please spread the word! Thanks!

Mark Evanier had an update on Drake and veteran inker Joe Sinnott as well.

If these updates continue, barring drastic change I will at some point likely move them over to the letters section with a notice here in the news section rather than full blockquote postings -- so keep an eye out.
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