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December 15, 2010

Full Tokyo Assembly Passes Youth Bill

As expected, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly earlier today passed a Youth Ordinance Bill designed to foster the regulation of manga and anime over extreme depictions of sex. Although the bill was sent back through the process after failing to pass earlier this year, there are still massive concerns about the relative vagueness of the bill's defining qualities, both in the types of material and depictions that would qualify as extreme and the promises made that the law will be judiciously applied and take into consideration artistic merit. That the publishers might self-regulate rather than having material kept from children is one possibility; that the publishers will push back against the ordinance by making Tokyo a kind of dead zone for certain kinds of business such as festival attendance is another. Seeing what's going to happen as opposed to endlessly projecting future probabilities might be something of a relief were everything about the bill not extremely depressing and, to my mind, deeply unnecessary.
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