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August 15, 2018

Gerard Jones Receives Several Years Prison Time + Supervised Release On Child Pornography Charges

imageHere's one of many stories out there -- this was a regional news story in the Bay Area (reports say Jones lives in San Francisco proper) as well as a comics industry one. The sentencing took place on the 14th.

Jones was investigated starting in September 2016 -- after attempting to upload a video of a child having sex with adults to YouTube -- and I believe interviewed in December and then arrested in January 2017. There are articles out there with different timelines than that one, although not remarkably different in terms of what has been at stake. This Bleeding Cool article pulls together the most salacious material, including a real-life encounter between Jones and a legal-aged teenager where contact was made between the two before the teenager turned 18. Jones originally made plans around building a plea claiming innocence, but pled guilty in April of this year to charges of distributing and possessing child pornography.

The one-time industry writer, comics historian and cultural historian is probably best known for his 2004 book Men Of Tomorrow, a history of comics that drew the strongest and most public lines to date between early comic-book publication and organized crime. Jones' comics scripting was prolific, but his notable work in that field was scattered over a number of titles rather than one or two hit efforts. With co-writer Will Jacobs and artist Tim Hamilton, Jones created a humorous spy title The Trouble With Girls, a well-liked indie title that ran several years into the early 1990s. Jones contributed a significant amount of narrative development to various 1990s supporting mainstream-company characters and the occasional lead, particularly at DC Comics but also at Marvel and Malibu.

A lot of attention post-arrest has been given Jones' contributions to the Malibu title Prime: a take on the Golden Age Captain Marvel concept that focused much of its attention on a developing hero-as-transformed-child theme.

Upon completion of his 72-month sentence, Jones will face 60 months of supervised release. He has been ordered to pay $10,200 so far, with more to come in the form of ordered restitution for his victims. That particular hearing is in October.

Jones will start his sentence on November 30.

He is sixty years old.

I know it's properly pleaded but yuck
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