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June 8, 2016

Go, Read: A Bit Of Insight Into The Progression Of DC’s Sexual Harassment Self-Examination

Katie Jones -- the freelancer who wrote a harrowing narrative about a distressing harassment incident involving a prominent DC staffer as yet unnamed -- checked in with Bleeding Cool about taking a meeting with that company's president, Diane Nelson. Everyone with any interest in tracking how the wider industry processes its history of harassment and abuse in search of a new and better standard should note this happened. The long-range key for DC will be the execution of policy and standards, just as the long-range key for comics culture will be improvement across the board, but inviting complainants into the discussion seems more positive than not inviting someone and acting on received information. I hope this is a sign that more direct testimony will be sought.

I would still feel more comfortable if someone in DC leadership made a firm, public and personal stand in terms of improving the company's position on the matter. As long as there isn't a face on the company's improvement on this issue, the face that people are likely to see is that of a harasser.
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