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June 10, 2016

Go, Read: A Cursory Legal Explanation On Selling Copyrighted Material With A License To Do So

It's a conversation we're bound to have one day, although I think it's going to come in steps. Here's a legal summary of the issue: when can you sell copyrighted material? Basically it's when you own the copyright or are licensed by the copyright holder to sell specifically agreed-upon things.

It's an interesting issue because the legal part of it is so clear and the cultural part of it has so, so, so ignored the legal part of it. I think we have to dismantle these giant print-out factory booths first, and then go on to an issue that if technically enforced would next weekend literally keep hundreds of dollars out of the pockets of each one of dozens and dozens of artists at Heroes Con, say.

In the meantime, I'll mention every article I can that engages with this issue because it's one that needs to be in the front of our brains for a while, waiting for progress.
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