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August 21, 2018

Go, Read: Alec Berry At TCJ On Cody Pickrodt’s Lawsuit

Here. I'm told that this is a reasonable, basic explanation of what's going on above a beyond an expression of where its sympathies might lie. Berry's story is about a small press publisher and artist named Cody Pickrodt suing those that characterized aggressive acts of his as unacceptable for community participation. These acts as described include publishing malfeasance, but also instances of sexual harassment and rape. Berry has those named in the suit as Whit Taylor, Laura Knetzger, Emma Louthan, Emi Gennis, Ben Passmore, Hazel Newlevant, Tom Kaczynski, Jordan Shiveley, Uncivilized Books (where Kaczynski and Shiveley work), Josh O'Neill, Morgan Pielli and critic Rob Clough. Those and other details should be read at Berry's piece rather than my relating them to you here.

Several of those involved have asked that community support in terms of money wait for a collective crowd-funding effort to be established. Even Jordan Shiveley, who started his own effort, asks that the group effort be supported ahead of his own.

I would also ask anyone with access to legal information and/or a lawyer or two educate themselves with an eye towards providing information or similar access. You never know what might be helpful. A lot of this stuff is nuanced. For example, I've been told by a couple of people that New York is a challenging place to seek accelerated dismissal because a potential lack of money by the person that filed may discourage some lawyers from taking on a case like this one. Don't know if that's true, but it does indicate this might be nettlesome to the extreme and there will be few easy answers. One piece of legal opinion I've seen is that sometimes lawsuits like this are filed to get to a discovery [process that might provide a counter-story, another I've seen says that this can have obvious drawbacks. I don't envy the defendants picking through reams of information like this even as I hope they're helped in every way possible.
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