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December 22, 2015

Go, Read: Brian Hibbs Predicts Potential Trouble For The Direct Market In First Quarter 2016

I thought this was an interesting article from Brian Hibbs about the state of the Direct Market of hobby and comics shops, a vital and crucial marketplace for all major publishers and certainly for the industry overall.

Hibbs notes that the weakness in DC Comics' main line following the tremendously ill-advised and poorly executed "Convergence" event (that DC would need to take on extra work to move still doesn't make sense to me) through the ambitious but also poorly executed "DC You" line refashioning has combined with stutters and missteps in Marvel's "All-New, All-Different" not really a relaunch to make for a rare period when neither Marvel nor DC is in a position to drive fans to the comics shops. Hibbs notes further that by his veteran eye, that element of non-excitement for those major players might continue all the way to April, making for a brutal winter ahead for comic shops that are probably not as solvent as you'd hope a small business would be.

Hibbs goes on to suggest that retailers play things very conservatively, which if it is advice that's taken or a conclusion come to by other retailer is bound to shape the first three months of 2016 on its own. It should be interesting to watch. I wish all positive thoughts to all of those that sell comics this way, and hope for the best outcome possible.
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