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December 13, 2009

Go, Read: Cartoonists And Insurance

There's been a flurry of interesting posts on the subject of cartoonists, health costs and insurance. I'm completely unresearched on the specific subject, and I agree insurance can be a difficult thing to obtain and maintain. I'm related to a hospital administrator so I do know that in addition to some aids in obtaining insurance there are in many places state and even local programs that assist in doctor visits and with prescriptions -- here in New Mexico you can qualify for a 12 months of $20 co-pay to see the doctor any time you wish and a $5 first prescription, for example -- and that at times and in some communities these programs are avoided because of the stigma involved. There are no easy answers, for sure.

1. This is Julia Wertz's video appearance that I believe kicked off this round of thinking on the matter.

2. Clicking through the image or here takes you to a long and thoughtful piece by Evan Dorkin and he and his family's changing relationship with health insurance, how that became a crucial issue when they had a kid and began to get older, and what they found by grinding through the facts at their disposal. That's the one you should read if you can only read one.

3. Here's a recent essay by Barry Windsor-Smith directed at current efforts towards health reform that if nothing else indicates this is a problem with which comics freelancers have struggled for a few decades now.

4. Finally, it occurred to me that one creator who has written semi-frequently and with focused insistence on the general issue of artists and health insurance is Colleen Doran. You can click through the image or here for her blog posts on the topic.

Much, much discussion and sustained advocacy needs to take place, but this is a start for a Sunday in December, and I hope it garners your interest.
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