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August 6, 2012

Go, Read: CBLDF Original Post Content Explosion

It may just be that I haven't been paying attention, but it seems like there's a ton of material available on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund site right now, meaty posts full of original content, all well-linked to outside material. A brief stop over there reveals the following:

* an article by Maren Williams about Ali Ferzat is first up. Ferzat is exhibiting in Amsterdam one year after his horrific kidnapping and beating in Syria made me a worldwide symbol of that nation's egregious abuse of its people. There's an interesting dissection in there about statements Ferzat has made about that incident and his role as an artist in its wake.

* Joe Izenman writes that Arizona has taken another pass at cyberstalking and cyberharassment laws to make them more amenable in terms of their potential to handicap free speech. That's interesting because it's a sterling example of the Fund's coalition-building and "soft" legal work -- advocating for and against laws rather than simply rushing to defeat bad law in specific legal cases.

* AdaPia d'Errico reports from the Censorship and the Female Artist panel at July's Comic-Con International. The Fund had a lot of programming at the show, which speaks well of the CBLDF and of the folks in San Diego to facilitate that many panels.

* Joe Sergi tells the story of Australia's Len Lawson and his once-popular Lone Avenger comic. It's not one with which I'm familiar except in the broadest possible way. Seems that unlike many of the quiet, family men who made comics material that authority figures ended up attacking in the U.S., Lawson was a major-league creep whose sordid exploits made him his own exhibit A when it came to the morally corrupting nature of his comic books.
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