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December 20, 2005

Go, Read: Comixpedia Top 25

imageThe news site Comixpedia's list of 25 important webcomics personalities for 2005 is must reading for those of us who don't know as much about the webcomics portion of comics as we perhaps should. You can spend a good pre-holiday half hour just introducing yourself to these major players.

I would imagine it's also must reading for those who know a lot about webcomics, because then they can complain about differences in ranking, omissions, oversights and all the regular fun stuff that comes with an exercise in arbitrary listmaking. I bet you can also make an inference or two about the nature of the field based on what kind of person is valued the most highly, and mark the way the field has progressed by who's not on it, by which I mean if you still think webcomics is Scott McCloud making theory and a bunch of guys doing comics that move when you run your cursor over a panel, you owe it to yourself to bookmark the list.
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