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January 5, 2009

Go, Read: CR Holiday Interview Series


I wanted to thank the creators and industry folk that were kind enough to participate in the 2008 CR Holiday Interview series, and encourage you to read and/or bookmark any and all you haven't read.

* Interview One: Kim Thompson
* Interview Two: Jeet Heer
* Interview Three: Tucker Stone
* Interview Four: Sean T. Collins
* Interview Five: Dan Nadel
* Interview Six: Eddie Campbell
* Interview Seven: Kurt Busiek
* Interview Eight: Matt Forsythe
* Interview Nine: Batton Lash
* Interview Ten: Abhay Khosla
* Interview Eleven: Karl Stevens
* Interview Twelve: Matt Fraction

The interviews were run in the order completed, with two exceptions. Kim Thompson was used as the kick-off and Matt Fraction the conclusion on purpose. I find it encouraging that our industry offers a place of prominence and value for two talented individuals who sport such different skill-sets, that hail from divergent backgrounds and who happen to be several years apart in age. Everyone benefits because Kim and Matt each have something exciting or interesting to do at work every day. It's the sense that comics can accommodate so many of the talents brought to it that makes me positive about the months and years ahead.
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