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September 23, 2014

Go, Read: Dave Sim On The Sales Potential For His Alex Raymond Book To Be Published By IDW

imageI thought this was an interesting article to read, about Dave Sim thinking his Alex Raymond book won't do well when IDW publishes it. He has to finish it first; he's seeing extra, direct support by fans in achieving this.

I'm not endorsing any of the thoughts on the parade, either Sim's or the pushback from the Bleeding Cool piece. I think Sim places a significant amount of importance on the New York Times as a cultural and I guess now a sales arbiter, an importance it may or may not deserve, and there's an undercurrent of weird self-absorption in terms of why he thinks a book he's making might be successful or not. My hunch is that The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond stands as good a chance as any really well-executed book about a very specific subject stands of doing, with the bonus that there's a lot of goodwill that a lot of fans have for Sim and those fans will want to buy a good-looking book with his name on the cover as its author. I know I want to see it. I don't even understand the scheme he's suggesting as a counter sales strategy, but 1) I didn't understand his High Society digital comics release, either, and 2) that scheme is also interesting for the idea of this world of intensely interested buyers devoted to specific subject matter.
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