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August 4, 2019

Go, Read: DC Comics As Part of AT&T’s Current Corporate Vision


Rob Salkowitz covers the intersection of business, culture and comics for a number of publications including and Forbes. I liked his writing the last few weeks on various DC-related moves that fairly baffled me coming into them cold, and here's a summary article that explains the foundations of that analysis.

It will be incredibly odd if the thing that wrecks the industry part of the direct market part of the comics industry is too much success of one kind, but nowhere near enough success according to a resulting new standard, but it wouldn't be so odd as it would suck that a bunch of people might end up out of work. Their just cancelling a Warren Ellis-written comic to seemingly straighten out the artistic rotation on those books isn't the kind of article anyone saw five, ten years ago and seems more "everything's broken" than most schedule adjustments tend to seem.

Lex Luthor, a surprisingly resilient character for the overall DC Comics empire
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