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May 25, 2017

Go, Read: Hannah Berry On Her Probably Last-Ever Graphic Novel And Being Priced Out Of Making Comics

imageHere. You have to scroll down a bit. This is as bracing an examination of a specific but very relatable across-the-board issue in comics: most people can't make them at a pace that allows for a living, even people with a lot of skill. Some people are trying to do so by being as productive as possible all the time every day forever, but that doesn't usually end up working, either. The result is a poorer art form.

This isn't a new issue. There are strip and comic-book artists of the past that produced work at a pace where making a living involved a brutal amount of time spent on the work. I think it's relevant again because you have a few new paths to this sort-of place and more people willing to make an attempt.

I'm not sure what there is to do, either. Certainly every funding and support mechanism imaginable needs to be formed and reinforced and so on. I think comics is a uniquely sparse profession that way. I think being honest about what's out there and what's possible for most people helps. I think creators need to have the best contracts right now, including and maybe primarily when it comes to media right. I also think we should rigorously question every avenue of getting books to readers in terms of their maximizing reward to the creator, make any system with middlemen really justify their existence. Even then, making art is super tough.
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