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March 6, 2012

Go, Read: Jog On Various 1980 Issues Of Metal Hurlant

imageOne of the regular pleasures of the comics Internet is the weekly New Comics Report at TCJ from the critic Joe "Jog" McCulloch. What makes it fun and worth checking out with regularity is that McCulloch frequently uses the platform provided by New Comics Day to write some sort of extremely loose critical piece on top of the "this is coming out right now" stuff.

In the latest, McCulloch engages with a bunch of issues of Metal Hurlant he found bound together (with one missing) during a recent trip to the comics shop -- an experience more generally whose value, admittedly lost on some folks, he describes in funny, insightful shorthand. If you're paying close attention to what's being written on the Internet about comics and by whom -- and why wouldn't you be? -- you might process the piece as the latest by those writers and cartoonists under 35 or so to forge a connection with the strongly-crafted fantasy comics of the 1970s and 1980s, which you might then be able to interpret as something these folks are doing to craft a meaningful comics history for themselves that's more about those comics and cartoonists and less about things like RAW and the undergrounds. Or maybe it's just a piece about a bunch of older comics. Either way, it's fun to read.
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