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August 10, 2016

Go, Read: Larry Pickering As Lion In Late, Late Winter; Biting The Hell Out Of Everyone Now

I don't know what to make of this feature-length profile of cancer-suffering, one-time dean of Australian political cartoonists Larry Pickering, but it's the one I'll carry with me all day. The headline really sticks, too.

My first thought is that you pretty much have to have a culture for editorial cartooning as grand as Australia's for someone to transform into this kind of opinion-thrower and not just be pounded into obscurity. Pickering's later cartoons make Pat Oliphant's look like Tom Wilson's, except Pickering never had those kind of art chops (Oliphant's, I mean, not Wilson's). At the same time, I do have that privileged perspective where I'm still sort of glad to see someone making art out of what they believe, even if my reaction to each resulting work is to wince and grind my teeth.

For a current hook, you can see in the linked-to article Pickering's response to Bill Leak's offensive cartoon from a little while back. It's about what you'd expect.
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