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May 19, 2016

Go, Read: Massive Seattlish Post On ECCC Being Subjected To A Class-Action Lawsuit

I'm not familiar with the Seattlish blog, but Seattle has a rich tradition of contrarian muckraking and pretense that approximates that activity, sometimes both within the same publication. I greatly enjoyed this article on ECCC being the subject of a class-action lawsuit for two transitional years between local ownership and Reed's ownership, a group that utilizes event staffing and non-volunteer workers. It's interesting just right on the face of it. You should read the whole thing.

A few things that jumped out at me. I think a lot of organizations with solid non-profit status and a very specific approach to throwing a festival won't be hit with this kind of thing. I think the "volunteers being treated as employees, in that they do essential tasks that employees do" is important reminds me of the projected standard that drove Marvel into settlement with the Kirby Family. No matter where there legal precedents take us, I think there may be a cultural shift where pay is expected for this and a lot of similar tasks, which might be a wonderful thing to happen in comics.
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