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January 28, 2019

Go, Read: Readers Sound Off On Firing Of Steve Benson

imageHere. There's also a lot of solid cartoon work woven into that piece via a couple of slideshows.

I'm sympathetic towards a lot of the journalism cost-cutting that took place at the end of the previous decade as the newspaper model went into freefall, but I share every concern expressed about Steve Benson shown the door at the Arizona Republic. If you have an editorial board, you can afford an editorial cartoonist, and I firmly believe that any of the major cartoonists holding a staff cartoonist position is talented enough to be a profit center for their publication.

Another thing I noticed is while I don't think of Benson as a strident cartoonist, some of the readers piping up disagree with me. I'm not sure what to do in the long run if people make these really broad political assignments of that kind of coverage.

Update: I've already linked to it here at CR but Pat Bagley roasting Gannett for this decision is choice.

Update: Here's Michael Cavna's piece not behind the Post's paywall. Cavna provides additional context.
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