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November 4, 2010

Go, Read: Robert Corn-Revere On Supreme Court Considering Videogame Law

Here's a treat: the CBLDF's counsel Robert Corn-Revere discusses at length the oral arguments heard by the Supreme Court November 2 in the matter of Schwarzeneggar V. EMA. This is the law about the restriction of sales of videogames to minors that was challenged on First Amendment grounds. He methodically runs through the variety of strategies and examinations inherent in each line of questions in a way that I found extremely satisfying. Although he admits near the end of the post that you can almost never make a prediction based on such a day in court, even when it's the Supreme Court, Corn-Revere suggests multiple times throughout that the Court may be making room for some sort of government action in the area, perhaps under the auspices of a law less vague than this one. A solid read.
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