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October 29, 2017

Go, Read: The BBC On The Lack Of Female Representation In UK Political Cartooning

imageHere. It's a pretty dire article. The math may remind of news from Angouleme and that festival's treatment of potential grand prix winners a couple of years ago. While it may be the case that the extreme majority of working professionals in the UK are male -- itself a state of affairs worth dismantling -- it's hard to believe that not one woman did a political cartoon that could crack a yearly top 180.

The better but nowhere near acceptable state of things in the US representation-wise might be due to a separate political cartooning culture that has developed on-line that's more gender-representative, and I don't sense a similar movement in the UK -- although certainly the magazine named in the article may be that movement, if it continues.

It's hard for me to imagine when an industry's expression through a specific medium is under assault that there wouldn't be a greater effort to use new voices, but I also understand the fear that comes and the conservatism that follows when business shrinks. Those notions should be fought.
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