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September 22, 2014

Go, Read: The CBLDF Presents A Number Of Banned And Challenged Comics For Banned Books Week

Betsy Gomez has a nice write-up here that's worth breaking away from your social media feeds and consuming all at once: 22 comics works that have been the object of book challenges or similar, censorious campaigns. The range of works and the range of campaigns makes for a compelling read.

One thing that always reveals itself to me is this recurring idea of libraries or even reading in general as a safe haven for bland consumption, paired with the idea that someone must be punished if that conception is violated in some manner. That there's an insitutional responsibility to support unchallenging ideas. That Ice Haven story is an absolute freaking chiller, if you haven't thought about that whole mess in a while. My life is infinitely better for as a child running towards, not away, from controversial subjects and age-appropriate considerations.
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