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November 16, 2006

Georgia v. Gordon Lee To Trial in 2007

imageThe Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) announced last night/this morning it's learned that last summer's motions to dismiss Georgia v. Gordon Lee have been denied, with a trial on deck for early 2007.

Prosecutors had filed a second indictment against Lee in July after earlier and suddenly alleging the facts of the case had changed, primarily that there were now two minors involved in a Halloween 2004 giveaway that saw Alternative Comics #2 accidentally given out as part of the civic event.

The CBLDF will now prepare for trial after a lengthy ramp-up during which they successfully rid the comics retailer of five of the seven original counts, including the felonies faced. The Fund announced that $72,000 has been spent so far.

Please consider donating to the Fund in support of the case. This is terrible law, poorly applied, with horrific ramifications, stemming from an incident that in a better world would have been handled with a phone call and judicious use of a family trash can. In addition to their web site, you can donate by calling 800-99-CBLDF, or by mailing to 271 Madison Ave, Suite 1400, New York, NY 10016.

On a brighter note, I hadn't noticed until now that Nick Bertozzi's The Salon, pages of which were reprinted in Alternative Comics #2 and were susquently the subject of the complaint, has a release date and a few pages -- for adults! -- up for perusal.
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