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January 2, 2007

I Hope You Had A Happy Holiday

My own was filled with work and family and a Thing coffee mug and a surprisingly large number of awful movies. Thank you for coming by the site in 2006, and I hope that we can continue to serve your comics-knowledge needs now that we're in 2007. If there's ever any comment you'd like to share, or request you'd like to make, concerning any facet of Comics Reporter .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We have a new events calendar up; .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) If it sounds like something I'd attend, I'll try to make a second mention of it in the blog.

Over the holiday we shifted to a features format in part because of requests several of you made last year about the kind of reading you're most likely to do on the computer during the last few weeks of a calendar year. I hope you enjoyed the change of pace. If you missed the last couple of weeks entirely, here are links to some of the more significant posts, the subjects of which I thank again for their patience and participation.

* A Short Interview With Shaenon Garrity
* A Short Interview With Joe "Jog" McCulloch
* A Short Interview With Anne Ishii
* A Short Interview With Jacob Covey
* A Short Interview With Peter Bergting
* A Short Interview With Chris Oliveros
* A Short Interview With Jamie S. Rich
* A Night at Chicago Comics
* Collective Memory: The Best Comics of 2006

If nothing else, posting longer pieces kept me from doing things like making fun of things like Christmas Gift recommendation lists where pros recommend their own work; I'm pretty sure no one in comics is charming enough to get over with that stunt.

But that's in the past. Onto the future! I'm looking forward to 2007, and the variety of human experiences and achievements in the art form that are sure to come with it. I hope you'll join me occasionally for glimpses into parts of the year ahead, as it unfolds day by day.
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